Nota Bene

I have been in OU for going on three years now, most of which were spent in relative solitude and independence. This is the first time that I have gotten the rather serendipitous opportunity to interact with classmates on a more personal level outside the  DFs and collaborative projects.

As such, it is rare for me to find someone who matches my level of sense of urgency For this reason, I mostly repudiate group projects as it most often leaves me with an acrid burning taste in my mouth.

This term, the balmy breeze has blown and rewarded me with favorable skies when I had the chance to meet two charming ladies whom I had the chance to work with for our lego-like projects.

My sincerest gratitude to these two ladies, Klaud and Fritzie, for providing me with the warmth of your acquaintance.

Klaud, you have been a joy to work with. You’re the only other person I’ve worked with in OU who has matched my laser focus and punctilious ways.I admire your dedication and your drive. I wish you the best as you continue your journey in OU.

Fritzie, thank you for regaling us with your amusing anecdotes. You truly have the gift of gab. All along, I thought I had it hard juggling a demanding full-time job and being a student at OU until it dawned on me that you have a 24×7 job as a mother and wife. I am in awe of you for successfully managing being a wife, a full-time mother and an OU student. Hats off to you for even taking on 12 units. On days when I felt like throwing in the towel, I remind myself of you. Graduation is just around the corner for you. May you continue to inspire people around you as you have me.

Thank you for putting up with my overbearing ways and for helping keep me sane with your mere presence. I am sorry that I sometimes had you jumping on hoops for our lego projects, but I truly had fun working with you. Onwards to the sablay! I shall cherish this acquaintance and virtual friendship that I’ve found in you well after graduation.








One thought on “Nota Bene

  1. Hi Sheryl,

    It is equally my pleasure to have worked with you and Klaud as well. Those collaborations made me realized that the joy of learning is not learning ALONE but by learning with PEOPLE even virtually. Thank you for sharing with me your anecdotes and narratives and your polished writing (which made me want to improve my writing ability as I am lacking those, I want to blame the ordeals I went thru bearing kids as it may have declined my neocortex 😀 ).
    Needless to say, thank you for everything we’ve done here in EDS 131. Will be looking forward to you in the next coming school opening.



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