EDS 151 Artefact Print Material, Non-Projected Visual, Projected Visual



This is the NPV I came up with for Assignment 1. This is intended to be used as a flash card. As you notice, there are no frills, and it’s pretty straightforward. In terms of layout, design, content, I think it’s on point.


This is the PM for our Assignment 1. Since it’s a Scavenger Hunt Activity, I wanted to take advantage of the theme and use it as an inspiration for the design so I downloaded a border from the net and just added the content. I tried to make sure that the design was only limited to the sides to avoid clutter. Since this is the Warm-Up activity, I wanted this print material to look fun, that’s why I thought of this. I realize that I don’t exactly have a good eye for design so I’m not sure if this is aesthetically pleasing, but it doesn’t look tacky so I think the design still works. But then, I could be wrong.


This is the revised Projected Visual. I had problems with the initial versions because they were text-heavy, but I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it. I tried to utilize the rule of thirds for slides 2-8. I think it worked because it drew attention to the image instead of the text.


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