Brain Clog

It’s a Saturday night before the last week of the term, and I am sitting on my desk briskly typing away journals, papers, assignments, DF posts and what-nots. I am getting antsy with the thought of impending freedom, however short-lived it may be, and my mind starts to wander. Here are the thoughts that have gone through my head in the past couple of days:

Somewhere in between the crazy, random thoughts amidst this mental congestion are my take-aways on assessment.

1. Ok, I can do this. There’s a week left of this term, and then I’m free.

2. I wonder if I’ll pass Audio in Multimedia. I hope I do. I pray I do. (fingers crossed)

3. I really should tweak that mid-week assessment for the class I’m running at work. Why do I need to do that again? Oh yeah, one of the sections turns out to be poorly-constructed and vague.

Check this out:


Well, so much for copy-pasting online quizzes 😦

To be honest, I’d always found the task of creating assessments a tedious bore. Seriously, who wants the burden of creating assessments on a weekly basis (yes, that’s how often I do it. Well, I do recycle and tweak some questions or sections) when I have got to catch up on the latest episodes of Arrow and The Flash (to name a few). I concede. Grant Gustin can wait. No wonder a lot of my students were getting low scores in that section. Note to self: I need to go over my test bank to check if there are any more poorly-constructed items.

4. I should schedule a massage on the 26th. It’s been ages since I had my last massage.

5. *Sigh* My room needs attending to. I can barely see the top of my desk. And my laptop needs some serious TLC.

6. My MMS172 (Audio in Multimedia) professor could do well by learning to employ Differentiated Assessments so non-multimedia students like me don’t get compared with the rest of the class. He could also use some Self- and Peer Assessments.

7. I owe my class a seriously long-overdue feedback. Ever since I started OU, I’ve always managed to employ the “No News is Good News” to my classes and even the agents I do call-monitoring for. I’ve been reminded that people will not become great at their jobs unless they know what they are doing well, so they can keep on doing these things, and where they need to change to get a better result.

8. An entire week left!

9. What other things do I need to do for this last week of the term?

EDS113 Finals – x

MMS172 Assignment 4 – CHECK!

MMS172 Final Project – CHECK!

MMS172 DIY Bonus Project – x

EDS113 Final E-journal Entry – CHECK!

MMS176 Final Requirement – ???

Ok, 3 down, 2 to go and one big question mark.

I wonder if MMS professors know about assessment reliability and validity because I’ve been dinged for using an External RSS feed for my e-journal and for submitting the link to my External RSS feed (wordpress account) instead of  providing a link to my E-portfolio. I actually got a zero for doing so when the instructions merely instructed us to provide a link to our e-journal. Well, I did and got a zero for a technicality. Go figure! I think my professor confuses assessments with punishments.

And while we’re at that, I think somebody should introduce him to a rubric so that students like me know what is expected of them.

He doesn’t even accept late submissions. While I’m personally indifferent to that rule (given my Type A personality), I do question the principle behind that rule. All the EDS professors I’ve encountered discourage late submissions by giving penalties. Where’s the reliability there when apparently even if I do a swell job but happened to miss the deadline by a hairline of a second due to poor WiFi connection, for example, another classmate who does a botched job will ultimately still get a higher grade than me because I automatically get a zero for that task.

10. Freedom is within my grasp. I can almost feel it now. August, here I come. I wonder if I can take a month’s holiday so I can fully enjoy my term break.

11. Professors are wrapping up discussions and final requirements, every OU student is fidgeting in their seats, and everyone is waiting for sweet release.

12. Someone recently told me that the adage “If at first you don’t succeed, try again” is a myth; it should be, he said, “IF at first you don’t succeed, check to see if what you’re doing is a strength.” Moreover, the old proverb “Practice makes perfect” is erroneous because you can never turn a weakness into a strength. You can improve them, but they will never be your strength. This got me into thinking that maybe I’d been approaching instruction the wrong way.  Perhaps I should be building and playing on their strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses. I guess differentiated instruction for the purpose of conducting differentiated assessments is what I should be looking into.

13. Let the countdown begin!

14. Yes! I’m free to live my life and partake in new and exciting adventures or to uTorrent an entire season of The Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls. Either way, I won’t be taking notes or writing e-journals.


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